I have written, and re-written this post so many times it is not funny! Originally I was going to tell you how initially disappointed I was in my 19th birthday, but that’s not the way I want to go about it anymore. To be fair however, it was a little disheartening on the morning of my 19th to have 14 people out of the 80 I had invited, and the 40 that said they were coming, show up. Nevertheless I still had a great time (watch my bday vlog), but if I’m being 100% honest I did dwell on it for almost two weeks. I had a couple of little breakdowns and had the routine “AM I NOT GOOD ENOUGH? WHY DOES NOBODY LIKE ME?” crisis way too many times, but I guess I’m better for it.

And in turn, I have chosen not to dedicate 600 words to me complaining about how sad I was, but instead I am going to focus on the miracle that is 19.

19 is such a weird age; you’re still a teenager, but you don’t feel like one, but you also don’t classify yourself as an adult.  It is that awkward “in the middle” age and your life could literally go anyway because no one really has expectations for you.

For the past couple of years, I have always seen 19 as a big age for me, especially because my birthday this year fell on the 19th and I turned 19 (twice as good really).

I am due to finish my Bachelor’s Degree at the end of this year, and graduate in early Feb 2018, just after my 20th birthday. In a couple of weeks I am hoping to secure a Criminology Internship starting in May which should further give me an idea as to what I want to be doing in 11 months time.

A few weeks ago I started uploading videos to YouTube which is a continuation from my blogging, and another platform for me to express my feelings and show you more of who I am on a day to day basis.

P.S. I just uploaded my Australia Day vlog 

This year I am also saving for so many things like Splendour in the Grass, a tattoo, and camera equipment! And I generally just want to focus a heap more on myself, particularly spiritually!

If you put good vibes and energy into the universe and tell yourself that bigger and better things will come, they will!

Until next time xx