2016 has been quite a journey for me! While many have the view that 2016 was a very crappy and unfair year, for me personally it was truly great.

This year I lost friends, I gained more, and I even re-kindled friendships. I moved out of home, got two jobs, and of course started uni. I fell in love, and fell out of love, but nevertheless, found many new soulmates.

One of the most significant things I did in 2016 was start my blog. In 2016, my blog received over 31,000 views, which I think is pretty amazing. More importantly, I was able to reach out to so many people – some of them I knew were struggling, some I had no idea about their journey, and others I had never met.

Starting my blog was not only an outlet for me, but has become an outlet for others as well.

2016 treated me very very kindly, and I can’t wait for 2017.

Music used:
Water Bear (Band) – After Hours
Jelly – Beach Blonde
Hein Cooper – Rusty
DMA’S – In The Moment

So what’s coming up? In two weeks I turn 19. 19 is my all time favourite number (I’m born on the 19th), so I have a feeling that 2017 is going to be one of the best years yet. At the end of the year I will officially have a Bachelor in Social Science, and will be able to start my career. I’d also like to start making more videos to share with you, so you are able to see a little more into my life. As for the rest of the year, I am completely unsure but am so excited, and I can’t wait for you to come along with me.