Growing up with parents who both run their own businesses is one of the most rewarding yet challenging lifestyles myself and my siblings have had the pleasure of experiencing.

My dad established his own electrical business 18 years ago, essentially 11 months after I was born. Mum is a hairdresser by trade and did work in the industry for many years, but was a stay at home mum for majority of the childhood that I can remember, looking after me, my sisters and brother, while also helping dad run his business.

Dad managed the actual electrical side of the business and mum managed the book work. Then as most people would know, mum started up a photography business of her own for a couple of years and now owns and runs a women’s clothing boutique.

Living in a small town with two well-known and respected parents, EVERYONE knew who me and my siblings were. I remember always getting comments like “you’ve got to be a Hicks” and “you’re from Darby/Carly’s mob aren’t you?”.

Over the years, myself and my siblings have learnt a lot about having two parents that run two separate businesses. The first thing that each of us picked up, is that a high work ethic is essential and practically engrained in us. I think this definitely comes from our Dad. He works seven days a week majority of the time, and I’m going to say on average from 6am to 6pm, with the occasional, however not so rare 4am-5am starts with 7pm-8pm finishes.

One of my fondest memories from when I was little was waking up around 6am and running into the office where Dad would have a cup of tea already made for me. Nowadays when I come home for holidays, he will often come in early and ask if I want a cup of tea or some toast put on and then I come out when I am ready.

He has the highest work ethic I have ever seen, to the point where I remember one Christmas when he popped away for an hour or two for a job. While this may seem ridiculous to one, it’s normal for us. Jett highlighted that we could always expect our parents to be home late, however Remi and I both agree that all of their hard work, and time away is for us. In Remi’s words “family is first”.

Although he is very busy, he still takes time out of his day to let me know that he is thinking about me, and it is one of the things I look forward to and appreciate most.

Another point that was noted by Allie was the importance of social skills and the respect from others. While dad may be the person with the highest work ethic I know, mum is 110% the most confident, outgoing and social beings ever. EVERYONE knows who she is and this becomes more and more apparent each time we go grocery shopping. She is renowned for her excellent and over-the-top customer service, and is also one of my best friends.

And while we may not show it, we are some of the proudest children. This year in particular, I have really appreciated both of my parents. I get endless support from them (obviously because I’m the favourite), and they are constantly rooting for my success, in all aspects of my life. So today, this post is me returning the favour.

Recently both my mum and dad were rewarded for their hard work at local business awards, and I couldn’t be more proud. It makes all of their early morning starts, late night finishes, time away and stress worth every second.

So from myself, Allie, Jett and Remi – we love you, and your work never goes unnoticed. We wouldn’t be where we are, nor have the opportunities we have without you both xx