I cannot recall how many times the moon has saved me, especially during my darkest days and hardest nights battling my mind.

There is something about the moon that has a very calming and optimistic effect on me, and I think that is quite beautiful.

One of my favourite aspects of the room I had during high school, was the view from the window at night.

I loved the years where I had my bed placed in the furthest corner from the window. I piled the pillows up into the corner in a triangle shape, so I could sink into my bed. From there, I could see directly out to the moon each and every night.

Some nights I would sleep at the opposite end of my bed to get a better look.

The moon saved me during nights I thought would never end. The moon listened to every word that came out of my mouth, and in a way, it felt like the moon responded. The moon, my moon, assured me that I may have had a bad day, but not a bad life.

I knew that when my moon came to visit, the sun was soon to follow.

Content and happiness were one less day away.