Today is a very sad day for many, many people. Last night, today, and I assume in the many weeks to come, a large majority of people will be mourning the death of at least 50 people, all of which belong to the LGBTQI community. 

What has now been labelled the worst mass shooting in U.S. history, the massacre in an Orlando gay nightclub has resulted in the death of at least 50 people and has injured 53.

This means that over 50 families are mourning the death of their child. Some families still have not heard from their only child.


It is so disgusting to think that these victims were targeted purely based on their sexuality. Which brings me to my message for you today…

Love conquers all.

It is so important to remember that everyone you come across is going through something that you don’t know about.

Learn to accept others, and if you can’t find a middle ground, ignore.

Just because someone engages in activities that you don’t agree with, it does not give you the right to criticise, destruct or abolish their views. But it does give you the opportunity to walk away, ignore, or distance yourself from them.

The mass shooter did not have to enter that nightclub, he chose to.

Please respect one another.

Sending all my positive thoughts and prayers out into the universe today, in hope that they reach someone that really needs them.