Hi all,

I realise I have been absent for the past two weeks.

I guess right now I’m experiencing a low in my journey with depression. 

As I have said before, depression comes in waves, and I think one has just hit the shore. It has been hard for me, especially the last couple of days, trying to control my mind and find motivation. I haven’t had to deal with my depression in over 4 months, so it’s a bit of a shock again.

On a better note, I have been doing a heap of research for my next blog post which I am super excited about. It’s on slut shaming and the stigma behind women who openly express their sexuality, which is a topic I am really passionate about. I have collected so much information on it, and now I just have to put it all together for you all!

Sending my love and support to everyone battling their own mind today.

See you soon X