I was just scrolling through my Instagram and Facebook newsfeed while I’m waiting for my foils to develop. (I’m at the hairdressers, getting rid of any hint of ginger from my hair and just had a massive chop which I’m in love with btw – I’ll be sure to add a pic). But as I sit here I’m seeing so many pictures that girls are either posting or sharing about not finding the right guy, or having to deal with ‘fuckboys’ and I can help but think “who cares?” 

I completely understand that maybe some girls have been screwed around by one too many boys before or vice versa, but isn’t that what’s meant to happen?

There are SO many young girls these days that are too worried about finding ‘Mr Right’ that they are too busy to go out and have a look around. How are you meant to know who Mr Right is, if you haven’t experienced the good, the bad, and the downright shitheads?

I’m not saying that everyone should go and put up with crappy people or be in a relationship with someone that doesn’t treat them very well, but you have to experience these types of people to identify them in the future.

Plus, it’s not going to be very fun when you don’t have an awkward date story to tell your girlfriends over lunch or a shitty relationship story to tell your daughter when she thinks it’s the end of the world.

Basically what I’m trying to say is that you shouldn’t be afraid of having to deal with a ‘fuckboy’ or someone that isn’t going to treat you right. If you’re afraid, you stop putting yourself out there for the right person to notice just how freaking cool you are.

Once he does, then you will be able to look back and laugh at all those other silly boys and skip down the street like Queen B.


I have been asked by so many people since being at Uni “Oh so do you have a boyfriend? Have you found yourself someone?” and all I can say is, “No, I honestly don’t need one.”

I’m more focused on having fun, going out, and meeting new people. If I end up falling in love then it happens, but I’m not scared of having my heart broken or losing anyone because at the end of the day I know my beautiful girlfriends will always love me and always be there (I also know they will be ready to take me out and start the process all over again).