I don’t want to be the blogger that lectures people on how to live.

I don’t want people to think that I’m preaching.

But sometimes it’s needed. 

Recently, many shitty things have happened in my life, and I’m sure that other people would be in the same boat (I am aware that the world does not revolve around me).

Usually I can handle it, my stress and worries, but sometimes it can become too much. Simple tasks become difficult, waiting in line agitates you, someone walking on the right side of the path instead of the left offends you (this happens to me a lot as Uni is full of study abroad students), even the thought of washing your hair or shaving your legs pisses you off because it means less time to do nothing at all (I mean seriously??).

I was getting annoyed with myself for being such a downer.

So today I told myself that I was going to have a good day. I got up and went for a walk along the beachfront. I had the best eggs benny (both eggs were soft and runny, YAY!). I did some work for the job that I can complete from my room at Uni, lucky or what? I went to my lecture; it was criminal profiling, how can you not be interested? And now I’m sitting in McCafe drinking a Chai Latte (MY FAVE DRINK EVER) and writing a super preachy blog before I meet my boss for work. What more can you want?

I have realised that no matter how many crappy things are going on in your life, big or small, YOU need to make room for happiness.

By simply telling myself that I would have a good day instead of drowning in my sorrows, things went my way.

I’m not saying that tomorrow won’t be shitty, but today isn’t, so I’m not complaining.